Our Products

You can count on R.E. Pierson Materials to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the products we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific material.


Hot/Warm Mix Asphalt

Our NJDOT and PENNDOT approved  hot/warm mix asphalt compares to no other. We provide virgin mixes as well as environmentally friendly mixes that use RAP (recycled asphalt product). Our plants have flexible hours to meet your needs. Hot/warm mix asphalt is available at our Bridgeport and Cinnaminson locations.

Hot/Cold Tack

When paving over existing asphalt, tack is a necessity. Our hot/cold tack is available in bulk and in buckets at our Bridgeport and Cinnaminson locations.  

One of our 972K loaders loading a tri-axle with high performance cold patch at our Bridgeport location.

High performance Cold Patch

We are a certified producer of GreenPatch®GreenPatch® is a revolutionary high performance cold patch product designed to repair and maintain roadways while utilizing RAP and sustainable additives. GreenPatch® is available in bulk and in bags at our Bridgeport and Cinnaminson locations.

NJDOT And PENNDOT Approved Ready Mix Concrete

Our concrete mixes range from piles to exposed aggregate sidewalks. Using quality cement and premium raw materials, our concrete will exceed your needs. NJDOT and PENNDOT approved ready mix concrete is available at our Bridgeport and Vineland locations.

Concrete bin Block

Our concrete bin blocks are made from our high quality ready mix concrete. We offer 2', 6', and 8' lengths. Our concrete bin blocks are available at our Bridgeport location.

Recycled Crushed Concrete

Our most popular DGA; categorized as commercial or NJDOT approved. Both are available at our Berlin, Bridgeport, and Cinnaminson locations.

Recycled crushed concrete coming off of the stacker belt at our Berlin location.

Recycled Crushed Asphalt

Our recycled crushed asphalt can be used as a cost efficient subbase! Recycled crushed asphalt is available at our Berlin, Bridgeport, Cinnaminson locations.

Crushed Stone

We mine, crush, and purchase the highest quality NJDOT and PENNDOT approved stone to ensure that your projects receive outstanding results. We mine and crush our own stone at our Middleport, Rheems, and Rockhill locations. We also have crushed stone available at our Bridgeport, Cinnaminson, and Ocean View locations.

Round Stone

Our round stone is washed vigorously in our wash plants to ensure that each order is exceptional. We offer white round stone at our Ocean View location. Multicolored round stone is available at both our Bridgeport and Ocean View locations.

Our stock piles of sand and wash plant at our Ocean View location.

Certified Clean Fill Dirt

Our certified fill dirt has been tested by an outside source to assure that it is free of contaminates. Our certified fill dirt is available at our Ocean View location.


Our NJDOT and PENNDOT approved sand is washed to meet high expectations. We have concrete and mason sand (both available in white) at our Ocean View Location. Our Bridgeport location offers concrete and asphalt sand. Cinnaminson offers asphalt sand. Middleport and Rheems offer concrete sand.

I, K, Zone, & Fill Materials

Our I, K, zone, and fill materials stand out from the rest. They are available upon request at our Bridgeport and Ocean View locations.

One of our WA500 loaders about to take a bucket of recycled crushed concrete from the stacker pile at our Bridgeport location.

Top Soil

Our top soil is available in screened or unscreened. Both types of top soil are available at our Bridgeport and Ocean View locations.